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How to Draw an iPhone X

How to draw an iPhone X

Probably the most popular smartphone in the 21st century is the iPhone. Smartphones from Apple are known to everyone, and even all other companies try to copy the design of iPhone. In today’s drawing lesson our artists decided to show you how to draw iPhone X.


Step 1

First, sketch out outlines of the iPhone X in a shape of a rectangle as shown in our example.

How to draw an iPhone X

Step 2

Now round off the angles of the iPhone X as shown in our example.

Learn how to draw an iPhone X

Step 3

Now carefully remove all sharp corners in order to make the drawing look more like an iPhone.

How to sketch an iPhone X

Step 4

Now we draw a distinctive detail of iPhone – a characteristic screen of unusual shape.

iPhone X drawing tutorial

Step 5

Using a few straight strokes add glare to the screen. Next, add shadows as in our example.

How to draw an iPhone X


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