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How to Draw Neil Goldman

How to draw Neil Goldman

The team of Drawing For All decided to draw not the most famous, but very stereotypical character from the Family Guy. So, let’s start the lesson about how to draw Neil Goldman.


Step 1

To begin with, draw out rectangular thick glasses and a nose of our character.

How to draw Neil Goldman

Step 2

Next draw a forehead, a bald head and curly hair. Draw the ear and move to step number three.

How to draw cartoons

Step 3

Now draw a mouth with protruding, rounded teeth. A little below draw a small chin.

How to draw Neil Goldman step by step

Step 4

Now draw out the rounded cheeks and thin neck of Neil Goldman.

Learn how to draw Neil Goldman

Step 5

We move a little lower and draw the outline of the collar, tie and sweater neckline.

How to draw step by step

Step 6

In this step there will be a lot of lines – here we draw hands, outlines of the torso and all the lines of upper clothing.

How to draw Neil Goldman

Step 7

Carefully draw out the outlines of the lower part of the torso and legs with a few simple lines.

Neil Goldman drawing tutorial

Step 8

Lastly and probably the simplest step of this tutorial – here we need to draw shoes.

How to draw Neil Goldman

On our site there is a whole range of different lessons about cartoon characters. And among them there are not only characters of Family Guy and other similar animated series, but also characters of more children’s cartoons. So be sure to visit our category “Cartoons” to learn how to draw as a real cartoon artist.

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