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How to Draw a Deer Head

How to draw a deer head

Hello! Today we will tell you how to draw a deer headAnd yes we do not mean the head of a deer that hangs on the wall. Actually, we are against the killing of animals. Therefore, we will draw a living real deer.


Step 1

First we will draw outline of head. As you can see, the head consists of a circle and a cylinder. Also in this step we draw the facelines.

How to draw a deer head


Step 2

Let’s draw eyes, neck and ears. Note that the right ear is considerably longer than the left ear. Angle creates this optical illusion. The eyes also have different sizes and shapes.

Learn to draw a deer head


Step 3

Now we need to erase the extra lines from the previous steps. And  we divide the cylinder from the first step into a pair of parts to get the nose and mouth.

How to draw a little deer head


Step 4

Draw the auricle. All lines should be located inside the contour of the ear. This shape looks like a flower bud.

How to draw a little deer


Step 5

Draw some light shadows. You should paint your eyes with a very dark color. Do not forget to leave a white spot in our drawing. This little detail will make your drawing more alive

How to draw a deer head


  1. I’m thinking it will be an easy few steps, it is, after I relaxed and did the steps a few times… I’m enjoying my deers….

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