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How to Draw Ice Cream

drawing ice cream cone


Today we are going to show you how to draw ice cream. At the end of the lesson, you should get a very realistic ice cream drawing, although it is a fairly easy drawing lesson.

This summer delicacy loved by children and adults appeared a long time ago, or rather, its prototype. Historians have evidence that in ancient China as far back as 2000 BC there was a dessert made from a mixture of snow, pomegranate seeds, and fruit juices. Fortunately, science does not stand still, and today each of us has the opportunity to enjoy delicious ice cream.

So, let’s start this delightful lesson and learn how to draw an ice cream cone!


Step 1

At the first step, draw the general shapes. At the upper part of the sheet draw a circle. Right below the circle draw an elongated inverted cone. Note that in the first steps you should not press down too hard on the pencil. By the way, we recommend you draw all the lines without a ruler.

how to draw an ice cream cone

Step 2

Now draw a layer of slightly melted ice cream, which is slightly foaming and diverge outwards at the top of the cone. At this stage, it will be enough to outline this part of the ice cream, using light and curved lines. After that, sketch out the “grid” at the cone, it is necessary to convey the texture of wafers.

how to draw an ice cream cone step by step

Step 3

The general shapes are ready! From this step, we will start to add details and shadows. Erase all the unnecessary guidelines from the upper part of the ice cream and draw the melted portion. Next, draw the texture on the ice cream scoop as shown in our example. Darken the lines and the grid of the cone. By the way, if you like easy tutorials like this one, visit our tutorial about how to draw an apple.

how to draw an ice cream cone with a pencil

Step 4

And we continue our tutorial about how to draw ice cream. It is time to add shadows. The light comes from the upper left side, so you need to add shadows to the lower right side. First, using light strokes hatch the right side of the ball of ice cream. Add a strip of the shadow right under the ball. After that, add shadow to the right side of the cone.

drawing ice cream cone

That was a tutorial about how to draw ice cream. If you enjoyed this tutorial share it with your friends and visit other tutorials (for example how to draw a muffin or how to draw wolverine). Stay tuned and wait for new drawing tutorials!


  1. This worked really good thank you and The steps worked really good too thank you

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