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How to Draw a Cone

how to draw a cone

As has been said repeatedly on the pages of Drawingforall.net, depicting geometric shapes is a basic skill for any artist, and therefore, here we show you how to draw a cone.

Having learned how to draw a cone, you can not only more easily depict objects close in shape to this geometric figure, but also practice drawing shadows.

This geometric shape is clearly more difficult to draw than a ball, but with the fairly simple stages below, you can learn how to draw a cone easy and fast.


Step 1

So, first of all, depict a horizontal line that will run through the center of the base of the cone. Next, from the center of this line, depict a long vertical line that will be the central axis of the cone. It is very important to understand that these are just preparatory stages, which means that all lines created here should be barely visible.

learn how to draw a cone

Step 2

Now depict two lines that start at the top of the vertical line and go to the sides and connect to the horizontal line at an equal distance from each other. Note that the construction depicted by you should be as proportional and even as possible.

how to sketch a cone

Step 3

This stage will be a little more difficult. Using very smooth lines depict the base of the cone, which looks like an ellipse. The front, that is, the part of the cone visible to us should be darker than the one that is hidden from our view. To check the proportionality of an sketch, look at it through a mirror.

cone art

Step 4

Now, with the help of an eraser, get rid of all the unnecessary structures that we created in the first stages. If you see that the cone does not look even enough, carefully correct the required areas. If everything looks correct, then proceed to the next stage, where we will start drawing shadows.

how to draw a 3d cone

Step 5

As in the case of the ball and cube, shadows must be applied taking into account the outlines and shape of the cone so that this geometric figure looks three-dimensional. To learn how to depict shadows correctly, visit the article about light and shadow on Drawingforall.net.

how to draw a cone easy

So, dear readers of Drawingforall.net, the tutorial on how to draw a cone is complete. Check if your artwork is similar to what you see below. If you have made any mistakes, correct them by returning to the point where the mistake was made.

how to draw a cone

So, if you did everything right, and your cone drawing looks great, then do not rush to drop everything and start doing other things. To be able to draw like a real artist, you need to practice a lot and often. Draw the cone from different angles and in different lighting. In order not to face difficulties when drawing, you can buy a gypsum cone or make one from a sheet of paper.

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