How to Draw Chibi Elsa

How to draw chibi Elsa

The most popular sections on our site are categories “Anime” and “Chibi”, where we publish very easy lessons that anyone can handle. We created a lot of lessons about different characters drawn in the chibi style, and today we want to continue the topic of chibi. So let’s start the tutorial about how to draw chibi Elsa.


Step 1

To draw chibi Elsa, first of all, we outline the rounded head and indicate two lines with the help of which in the future we will draw the details of the face.

How to draw Chibi Elsa

Step 2

Now we are sketching the neck, the shape of the torso and limbs. Do not forget that the body of a chibi is about the same height as the head. And in Chibi Elsa drawing you can see this rule.

Chibi Elsa drawing tutorial

Step 3

First of all, we sketch out the big eyes and a smiling mouth. Next, draw the outlines of lush chibi hair. To make chibi Elsa sketch correct, use very light lines to complete the first steps.

How to sketch Chibi Elsa step by step

Step 4

A very simple and at the same time difficult step – here we need to indicate the outlines of a long dress. The dress in the drawing of chibi Elsa should be lush and beautiful.

Learn to draw Chibi Elsa

Step 5

Let’s now start drawing the details. With the help of clear and dark lines, carefully trace the outlines of the hairstyle.

How to draw Chibi Elsa

Step 6

Now draw out the outlines of the face, ear and large eyes as shown in our example. The eyes of chibi Elsa should be large and expressive, following all the rules of drawing chibi.

Learn how to draw Chibi Elsa

Step 7

Now draw out the outlines of the torso, arms and long dress. In the same step, delete all unnecessary guidelines from the chibi Elsa drawing. You can leave your cute chibi drawing this way or color it.

How to draw chibi Elsa

If you followed all our advices exactly, now you know how to draw chibi Elsa. Write what difficulties you encountered in the drawing process. If this lesson was too simple for you, then go to the “People” section, where you will find a lot of difficult drawing lessons.

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