How to Draw an Antelope Head

How to Draw an Antelope Head

Hello dear artist, this drawing lesson will tell you how to draw an antelope head.

Step 1

So, sketch out the head in the form of two ovals. Next, we sketch out long horns, ears and a line for the eyes.

How to Draw an Antelope Head

Step 2

Thicken the horns as shown in our example. Next, draw the ears like leaves. Sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth.

How to Draw an Antelope Head

Step 3

Connect all the lines, draw the features of the face making the drawing more clear and smooth. Erase all unnecessary lines.

How to Draw Animals

Step 4

The simplest step in the lesson about how to draw a head of an antelope. Simply draw transverse lines on the horns and a pattern on the face.

Antelope Head Drawing

Step 5

Add shadows to make our drawing more realistic. We do this as usual using classic hatching.

How to Draw an Antelope Head

Here is the drawing of the antelope’s head is ready. Do not forget to visit the “animals” section on our website, where you will find drawing lessons about all animals, from shark to horse.


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