How to Draw a Fireplace

How to draw a fireplace

Many of our readers have asked us to draw as many different items as possible regarding the house interior. So we drew a table, a chair and an armchair. Now we decided to draw a very cozy thing, before which it is always pleasant to sit and think about being. So, meet the lesson on how to draw a fireplace.


Step 1

First of all let’s sketch out such a slightly turned square.┬áTry to make the lines the most straight.

How to draw a fireplace

Step 2

Draw the top beam and two flat columns also using straight lines.

Learn to draw a fireplace

Step 3

In the very top we draw a cornice, inside we draw a hole in which the fire will burn.

How to sketch a fireplace step by step

Step 4

To make the drawing not look flat, we draw additional strips as in our example, to make the fireplace drawing more realistic.

How to sketch a fireplace step by step

Step 5

A fairly simple step in which we will need to add design details such as squares at the top and lines on columns (flutes).

Fireplace drawing tutorial

Step 6

We finish this lesson on how to draw a fireplace by drawing tongues of fire inside the fireplace and adding shadows.

How to draw a fireplace

We do not forget the tradition of telling tips at the end of our drawing lessons. The tongues of flame need to be drawn with light, curved and torn lines. In addition to the tongues of flame, also do not forget to draw logs inside the fireplace.


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