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How to Draw a Shark

How to Draw a Shark

Now we will learn how to draw a shark – one of the most dangerous and terrible creatures in the world. This creature with big mouth and a lot of sharp teeth like a razor and a predatory look inspires primitive fear. At the same time, the most terrible details and the characteristic fin of the shark are the main external features of this creature. So, let’s get down to this lesson.


Step 1

With the help of two long and curved lines we sketch out the shark’s body. Using short and slightly curved lines sketch out the fins.

How to Draw a Shark

Step 2

Thicken the fins, tail and draw a line along the body. Using light lines sketch out the mouth, gills and a small evil eye.

how to draw a shark step by step

Step 3

Using dark and clear lines draw out the drawing, making the lines clear, smooth and dark. Detail the mouth and draw sharp teeth. Erase all auxiliary lines.

how to draw a shark step by step

Step 4

Using hatching add some shadows that will make our shark more realistic and volumetric.

How to Draw a Shark

Here the drawing tutorial about how to draw a shark step by step came to an end. For an ordinary pencil drawing this was pretty simple. If you remember the basic principles of drawing a shark that we showed you in this lesson, then it will be easier for you to draw it in the future.


  1. Nice, except that whites have five gill slits, not four. It sounds like I’m being a little picky, but a nicely-drawn image like that, should be true to life (within reason).

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