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How to Draw an Ankheg

How to Draw an Ankheg

Good day dear readers of DrawingForAll! Today we will show you how to draw an ankheg. If you ever have played Dungeons & Dragons you now that ankheg is a cross between a caterpillar and the of giant size. Also, if you played the great Baldur’s Gate, then you remember that from you can make one of the best sets of armor using a shell of ankheg.


Step 1

At first let’s sketch out the general shapes of our ankheg. Sketch out the head and parts of torso using ovals and legs using simple lines. Note that ankhegs have three couples of legs.

How to Draw an Ankheg

Step 2

Sketch out some parts of head of ankheg such as the eyes, antennas and huge jaws.

How to Draw an Ankheg from dungeons and dragons

Step 3

Draw out the parts of the head. Draw the angry eyes and add some details such as the lines on the antennas and folds on the face.

How to Draw an Ankheg from DND

Step 4

Continue drawing the ankheg. Draw out the upper part of the torso with front legs.

learn How to Draw an Ankheg

Step 5

Now draw out the hind two pair of legs with the rest of the torso.

Ankheg Drawing

Step 6

And at the last step add shadows using classic hatching.

How to Draw an Ankheg

As you see we love Dungeons & Dragons and other RPGs, and we try to draw as characters and monsters from this amazing universe. And on our site you already can find a lot of tutorias about D&D such as how to draw a wizard and how to draw a beholder (probably the most unusual monster from DnD).


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