How to Draw a Cat Head

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how to draw a cat head

Cats probably the sweetest creatures in the world. These cute animals have already managed to capture the whole world and first of all the internet. So in this lesson we decided to show you how to draw a cat head step by step.


Step 1

First things first let’s draw a circle. The draw two lines intersecting in the center of the circle.

how to draw a cat head

Step 2

Now sketch out slightly pointed ears at the top and the neck using two lines. Note that ears are very similar to to the ears that we drew in the lesson about a leopard


cat head drawing tutorial

Step 3

Sketch out the amount shaped eyes that located on the horizontal line. Then sketch out the mouth and nose.

how to draw a cat

Step 4

Now let’s a little detail our drawing. Make the contours of the head and more detailed and smooth. Draw the pupils inside the eyes.

learn how to draw a cat head

Step 5

Erase all the guidelines and make the lines of the drawing sharp and clear. If you did it right then you will get such a lovely cat.

how to draw a cat face

Step 6

It remains only to draw shadows. There are very few of them in this drawing tutorial. In the same step we add whiskers.

how to draw a cat head

It was a drawing tutorial about how to draw a cat head step by step. By the way, cats captured not only the whole world, but also our site, which already has drawing lessons about a cartoon cat, a black cat and a Maneki Neko from anime.

36 Responses

  1. Riley

    This cat is amazing and very easy to make I LOVE it! <3

  2. Elon Musk

    Oh. Cool. Yeah, I love following a guide that makes everyone’s cat drawings look the same.

  3. Pebblecloud

    cool, this is a great tool if you pay attention to the details, they should add a body though! ( XD )

  4. CatsRule

    Awesome i love it! I am a kid and I found it pretty easy and fun!

  5. Sunny Zhou

    The cat is amazing!I learned a lot from it.💕

  6. Rihanna

    I lov i🤩🔥❤️💕😍🔥🔥. It is on fire

  7. Love

    It was fun and was sooo much easier than I thought it would be

  8. Jay

    THIS IS AWESOME! I love cats and love to draw them!

  9. Seth Downey

    I love it, I have to. Because I love cats and live to draw them.

  10. Guy *Defently not the guy watching you in his white van*

    I like kitty’s.

  11. Peteie The Black Cat (Petes crazy brother)

    This is like the coolest version of Pete the Cat I could find.
    The only thing missing is his cool red shoes!!

  12. yesiro kareem

    wow it so so easy and fun thanks for uploading the drawing

  13. Khriz Angel Vazquez

    This drawing is really nice I made it for my teacher and her cats

  14. Anoymonous

    How do you draw this without making it look like a dog??

  15. mattebenoni


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