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How to Draw an Octopus

how to draw an octopus

Hello dear artists and readers of our site. Today we decided to make a drawing lesson about a very strange sea creature. This creature became the prototype of many characters from myths, fantasy, books and cartoons. As you already guiess, in today’s lesson we’ll show you how to draw an octopus.


Step 1

We very often start our drawing lessons with ovals, and this lesson is not an excuse. Sketch out the head in the form of an oval and move to the second step.

how to draw an octopus

Step 2

The octopus has this name because it has eight limbs. So sketch out these tentacles using long wriggling lines.

octopus art

Step 3

Starting with this step, we will add details to our octopus. Let’s start with the head and draw it and eyes with clear lines.

learn how to draw an octopus step by step

Step 4

Let’s move down a bit and draw the tentacles. Note that the tentacles should gradually thin out as they approach the tips.

octopus images

Step 5

Continue to draw an octopus. In this step we take an eraser and erase all unnecessary lines from the body of our sea creature.

learn to draw an octopus

Step 6

Draw the visible to us and funnel. Draw out the suction cups on the tentacles as in our examples. Note that all lines and curves must be very smooth.

octopus drawing

Step 7

The tutorial about how to draw an octopus is almost finished, it remains only to add shadows.

how to draw an octopus

So, our octopus drawing tutorial is over. Do not forget that we have a whole section of drawing lessons about different animals. There you will find many interesting and useful articles. Also do not forget that we have pages in all known social networks, so subscribe and write us your wishes.


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