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How to Draw a Road for Beginners

how to draw a road

Hello, dear lovers of art! We welcome you to the site DrawingForAll.net. Our artists, as always, have prepared for you a new drawing tutorial. And in this drawing lesson we will show youhow to draw a road for beginners. To begin with we take a very simple version of the road, with which to handle even a novice artist.


Step 1

At first step we outline skyline. In our example the line located in the horizontal plane right in the center of the sheet. This is just a guideline, that should be erased in one of the next steps, so make it very light.

how to draw a road for beginners

Step 2

Now draw the contours of the actual road surface. Note how strongly it narrows in the direction from the horizon line to us. In order to show the distancing of the road, the closest edge of the road make very wide, and the most distant, one that concerns the horizon, make a very narrow.

how to draw a road for kids

Step 3

Draw the double continuous centre line of the road – it must be parallel to the contours of the road, which we drew in the previous step. Now it looks like a road through which can pass any vehicle, whether it be a Mercedes or a tank.

how to draw a road step by step

Step 4

Add some parts of our landscap, draw a smooth, sloping contours of the mountains on the horizon. You can also draw details such as trees or traffic signs.

drawing tutorial

Step 5

In this step, we’ll add another line of mountains, which is closest to us. Here we also draw two solid lines on each border of the road. And now we have finished the last step of drawing tutorial on how to draw a road for beginners.

how to draw a road for beginners

If you coped with this drawing tutorial very quickly – not surprising, just move to more difficult lessons, which can be found in the section Drawing Lessons. For example, be sure to look at drawing lesson about rose, knight or a phone. And as always we want to remind you to subscribe to us in social networks.


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