How to Draw an iPod

how to draw an ipod

Hello, dear fans! New drawing lesson waiting for you on our site. Today we decided to work out on a very popular device – iPod. How to draw a player? Let’s start drawing lesson and find out!


Step 1

It will be very easy lesson, which handle any artist. So first draw a rectangle. In fact, the body of iPad is ready.

how to draw an ipod step by step


Step 2

Now draw another rectangle inside of first. It will be located very close to the upper edge of the rectangle from the first step. This is the screen of our iPod. If you want, you can draw the details and menu items on the screen.

drawing ipod


Step 3

Draw the famous element of the iPod interface  – is a control panel. It consists of two circles, one of which is in another.

ipod pencil drawing



We outline the contours of the iPod headphones and draw the names of keys on the round panel.



Step 5

At this stage, we will finish with headphones. Add some details to headphones. And at the end add some cross hatching to the speakers.

how to draw an ipod


Drawing lesson about how to draw an iPod came to an end. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you like the apple gadgets, probably you will like our tutorial about How to Draw an iPhone. Stay tuned and wait for the new drawing lessons at the Drawingforall. Bye for now.

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