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How to Draw a Mercedes S-Class W221

how to draw mercedes s-class

Hello, dear readers of DrawingForAll.net! Today we are ready to present you a new drawing lesson in which we will focus on engineering, rather, about the modern luxury car. And, as you have guessed, now you read the drawing tutorial, on how to draw Mercedes S-Class W221.


Step 1

Let’s start with the outer contour of the vehicle. Please note – all lines at this step are very smooth and light. In the future, all lines must be verified and perfect, for example as in the iPhone. But back to the car and note the features of the angle of view – the front part has to be particularly large, keep this in mind when you draw the wheels and body of our Mercedes.

how to draw mercedes s-class step by step

Step 2

Next – outline curved and smooth shapes of headlamps, radiator grille and draw the wings over the wheels. To the left of us outline the rearview mirror.

how to draw mercedes

Step 3

Using a pair of smooth lines outline the bumper and sketch out the outer surface of the discs on the wheels.

how to draw mercedes benz

Step 4

Sketch out the lines of doors, outline the contours of the side window. Draw second rearview mirror, using a small horizontal line draw side skirt at the bottom of the car body.

how to draw mercedes s221

Step 5

Draw the outlines of the radiator grille – note, that its thickness is uneven. On top the grille significantly thicker than the sides and bottom.

how to draw mercedes s class

Step 6

At the very center of the radiator grill draw a thin, narrow wedge. In the space inside the grille draw uniformly thin horizontal lines.

how to draw mercedes benz s class

Step 7

Now draw the headlights. First outline two circles in each headlight, then draw core (yes, a bit like in the tutorial on how to draw rose). Thereafter sketch out top sloping line and draw a pair of vertical lines.

how to draw mercedes step by step

Step 8

Now we outline folded wipers. Draw smooth line of the hood which starts from the windshield and encircles grille.

mercedes drawing

Step 9

Start drawing the upper part of the bumper and the license plate panel.

drawing tutorial

Step 10

Draw the lower part of the bumper, that is the one that is located under the license plate. And directly under the license plate we can see another radiator grille, lower. Compared with the top it is more elongated horizontally. On the right and left of this grille draw fog lamps. Around the fog lamp draw the edging.

drawing lesson

Step 11

Slightly draw outer body of the rear mirror. Slightly draw outer body of the rear mirror. CIrcle its contour and draw inside it the turn signal.

how to draw a car

Step 12

Using smooth, slightly wavy lines outline the contours of the doors. Draw the handles as in our example.

car drawing

Step 13

Circle the wheels and discs which have been sketched out in previous steps. Be careful with spokes on wheels – they need to get even.

mercedes s class drawing

Step 14

Finally draw the wheels, give them three dimensional look. Erase remaining guidelines and add some final touches.

how to draw mercedes s class

It was a lesson in which we told you about how to draw Mercedes S-Class. Do not forget to subscribe to us in social networks, to keep abreast of fresh drawing lessons and cool artifacts that we regularly publish there.


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