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How to Draw a Car Washer

How to draw a car washer

Today the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a car washer, which will be a great addition to our tutorials on how to draw cars. The lesson about how to draw a car washer will consist of only four steps, in which we will do very simple actions, but at the very end we will get a quite realistic drawing of a car washer.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a car wash with very simple geometric shapes. Here we must outline the body of the washing apparatus in the form of a vertically elongated figure, a hose and a pistol. Of course, you need to use the lightest lines, because we have to erase them in the future.

How to draw a karcher

Step 2

Now let’s add some details to our plain car wash pattern. Again, let’s start with the body of the pressure washer. First of all, outline the handle at the top. Next, outline the button at the bottom and small wheels. Next, go to the washing machine pistol and draw the trigger.

How to draw a car washer easy

Step 3

We have outlined a sketch of the pressure washer, and now we need to make the lines of the drawing even, clear and beautiful. To do this, we need to carefully trace the details of the lines drawn by us using very dark and smooth lines.

Car washer drawing tutorial

Step 4

To make the car washer drawing look voluminous and beautiful, we need to add some shadows. Using hatching, add shadows in areas where light does not fall. Do not forget about the cast shadow, which lies under the car washer, and makes it not look hanging in the air.

How to draw a car washer

So, write to us if this lesson on how to draw a car washer was useful to you. We are waiting for your criticism and wishes in the comments and in our social networks. You can slightly change your car washer drawing by adding some other details. Try to slightly modify the pistol and the body itself, or add the name and logo, for example, write Karcher or a name of any other company. You can also try to draw a car washer from other points of view. Be sure to subscribe and share our lessons if you want to support us.

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  1. I used it in my background of a car from this website and I really like this website. And I will always use it.

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