How to Draw a Quadcopter

how to draw a quadcopter

Hello everybody. In the era of smartphones and tablets, electronics is becoming more popular. And one of the now very popular items is a quadcopter – it’s a flying machine built using a helicopter scheme with three or more propellers. So, let’s start the lesson about how to draw a quadcopter.


Step 1

So, first of all sketch out a rectangle using very light lines. It will be the body of our quadcopter.

how to draw  a quadcopter

Step 2

Now draw the propellers and the sticks on which they are located.

how to draw a quadcopter step by step

Step 3

Let’s work with details. In the front draw the action camera. Add some details to the body of quadcopter.

learn to draw a quadcopter

Step 4

Erasing unnecessary guidelines draw out the body and camera using clear and dark lines.

how to sketch a quadcopter step by step

Step 5

Now draw out the the propellers of our quadcopter. Erase all the extra guidelines that we drew in the first steps.

quadcopter drawing

Step 6

And the final touches. Here we need to add shadows and some glare, using simple hatching.

how to draw a quadcopter

It was a lesson on how to draw a quadcopter. By the way, this thing is so famous that it even appeared in several episodes of the mega popular series South Park.


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