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How to Draw a Smartphone

how to draw a smartphone

Hello dear friends! Today we will show you how to draw a smartphone. We will show this on the example of iPhone (by the way, in one of the previous drawing lessons we showed you how to draw an iPhone).


Step 1

So, using straight lines sketch out the general outlines of our smartphone.

how to draw a smartphone

Step 2

Make the corners of the smartphone rounded like in our example. Erase unnecessary lines.

how to draw an iphone

Step 3

A very simple step in which we need to draw the back of the smartphone.

how to draw a smartphone step by step

Step 4

Now with the help of straight lines draw out the large touch screen.

how to draw a phone

Step 5

In the upper part draw the speaker and round camera. In the lower part draw the round button.

smartphone drawing

Step 6

The last step is left in which we draw the control buttons on the sidebar.

how to draw a smartphone

It was a very simple drawing lesson about how to draw a smartphone. On our site there is a huge number of drawing lessons about electronics, including lessons about the iPad or TV.


  1. A little hard for me because I ain’t too good in drawing straight lines, also my phone stays a little “fat” but I did it and I liked the result.
    Nice tutorial.

  2. I love this tutorial! It’s so easy to follow and the results are really cool.

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