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How to Draw a Pomegranate

Pomegranate drawing

Our team has created many drawing lessons about different fruits and vegetables, and we are not going to relax, so today we will present you another lesson on this topic. And as you have already understood, today we will show how to draw a pomegranate – a fruit that is quite difficult to eat but easy to draw.


Step 1

Like many of our lessons about fruits, the pomegranate lesson will begin with a simple circle drawn with light lines.

How to draw a pomegranate

Step 2

With the help of several light and short lines sketch out a persistent calyx – this thing is at the top of the pomegranate.

How to sketch a pomegranateHow to sketch a pomegranate

Step 3

Remove the unnecessary guidelines from the pomegranate drawing and draw the details inside the calyx.

How to draw a pomegranate step by step

Step 4

To give the grenade a more volumetric and complete look, we will draw shadows using dense hatching.

How to draw a pomegranateHow to draw a pomegranate

As we have already said in other lessons about fruits, you can draw it not only separately but also as part of a still life or some complex plot. By the way, in one of the following drawing lessons, we will show how to draw a pomegranate in the section. If you need such a lesson, then write us about it in the comments to this article.

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