How to Draw a Raspberry

Raspberry drawing

One of the favorite fruits of the team of is sweet cherry, but we also love raspberries very much. We drew a sweet cherry in the previous drawing tutorial, and it is time to show how to draw a raspberry.


Step 1

At first we need to sketch out the outlines of raspberry. Using simple and light lines, sketch such a round geometric figure.

How to draw a raspberry

Step 2

Now move to the top of the raspberry and sketch out the stem and sepals of the raspberry as in the example below.

How to sketch a raspberry step by step

Step 3

The body of the raspberry consists of a large number of segments, and in this step we will outline them with the help of lot of intersecting lines.

How to sketch a raspberry easy

Step 4

With the help of dark and clear lines draw out the sepals and the stem. On the sepals do not forget to draw the veins.

How to draw a raspberry easy

Step 5

Now the most difficult step – here with the help of rounded lines we need to draw out all the segments on the raspberry.

Learn how to draw a raspberry easy

Step 6

Draw shadows with the help of hatching. Pay particular attention to the shadows on the segments of the raspberry.

How to draw a raspberry

Today we showed how to draw a raspberry. If you encounter any problems or do not understand the process of drawing any step, please write to us about it, because your opinion is very important for us.

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