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How to Draw a Potato

Potato drawing

Probably anyone in the world knows what a potato is, because this plant has been grown by mankind since time immemorial. People boil, fry and bake potatoes in combination with a wide variety of meats and vegetables. In this lesson we will not show how to cook this plant, but we will show how to draw a potato step by step.


Step 1

With the help of a continuous line draw the outlines of the potato in the form of such an uneven oval.

How to draw a potato easy

Step 2

Now draw the eyes of the potato with the help of a large number of small circles arranged in a random order.

How to draw a potato step by step

Step 3

We finish the lesson about a potato by drawing shadows on the bottom part. Also draw the cast shadow under the potato.

How to draw a potato

Probably the lesson about how to draw a potato was one of the easiest ones on drawingforall.net. You can draw a potato either as a separate picture, or as part of a still-life next to other vegetables or fruits.

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