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How to Draw a Coconut

Coconut drawing

Coconut is a very attractive and tasty fruit, but it has a small flaw. If you are very hungry and you do not have a hammer or special tongs next to you, you will not satisfy your hunger with this fruit. But drawing a coconut will not be so difficult. So let’s start this lesson in which we will show how to draw a coconut step by step!


Step 1

This is a very simple step in which we will draw a round figure. This figure looks like a flattened and slightly asymmetric circle.

How to draw a coconut


Step 2

In this step we will draw three small oval shapes. It’s really similar to the bowling ball.

How to draw a coconut step by step


Step 3

Now we draw the characteristic “hair” that covers the coconut. Do not draw too much hair or your coconut will look like a strange man with a strange haircut.

Coconut drawing tutorial


Step 4

We will add shadows to make our drawing more voluminous. This will be especially cool if you draw a shadow on the surface.This action will make the drawing more realistic.

How to draw a coconut

It was very easy drawing tutorial and we hope that you get perfect result. Don’t forget to read new posts on our site. Goodbye!

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