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How to Draw a Bread

How to draw a bread

What is the most popular food that all peoples of the world know? Of course it is bread. This food exists the entire history of human civilization, and is used in food to this day, despite the modern trends in cooking. So, as you already understood, the topic of this lesson is how to draw bread.


Step 1

So, let’s start with the basic outlines of the loaf of bread having outlined everything with the help of light lines. In our example, you see a classic loaf with sliced pieces.

How to draw a bread

Step 2

With the help of several light lines draw the outlines of the edges of the cuts of bread. In the same step we draw the outlines of the loaf with dark and clear lines.

How to draw a bread loaf

Step 3

With the help of dark and clear lines we circle the outlines of the loaf. To make the drawing of the bread cleaner, we erase the unnecessary lines with the help of an eraser.

How to draw a bread slice

Step 4

Now let’s draw a texture on the surface of the bread. After that we will make our drawing more voluminous, drawing shadows using dense hatching.

Bread drawing

In this lesson we showed how to draw bread, and we took four steps. And as you noticed, it was a very simple drawing lesson. If you thought that the lesson was difficult, then be sure to write us about this here in comments or directly to us in social networks, because your opinion is very important for us.


  1. This was hard for me as I drew this in a small area. IN the description or in future instructions for other items, you should mention that “need big area”.

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