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How to Draw a Wild Cherry

How to draw a wild cherry

One of the most beloved fruits of DrawingForALl is the cherry, which we drew in one of the previous drawing lessons. And today we will show you how to draw a wild cherry – the most ancient form of cherry. It is believed that it was known for more than 8000 years BC.


Step 1

First, we sketch the shape of the sweet cherry in the form of an ordinary circle. Do not try to press too hard on the pencil in this step, because the lines should be very light.

How to draw a wild cherry

Step 2

Now with the help of a long and curving line we draw a stem of the cherry. At the very top of the stem sketch the outlines of the leaf with the help of two smooth lines.

How to sketch a wild cherry

Step 3

With the help of another long and curved line we finish the contours of the stem. Draw a thickening at the top of the stem and sketch a line in the center of the leaf.

How to draw a wild cherry easy

Step 4

Now we draw out the whole drawing of the wild cherry with the help of darker lines. Now using an eraser we delete all unnecessary guidelines and draw short vein lines on the leaf.

How to draw a wild cherry step by step

Step 5

With the help of a pair of light strokes sketch out the glare on the cherry. Next, with the help of hatching draw shadows on the cherry and the stem. Do not forget to draw a cast shadow under the cherry.

Wild cherrWild cherry drawingy drawing

As you can see, the lesson about how to draw a wild cherry can be applied if you want to draw another types of cherry, because these fruits are drawn exactly the same. But if you want to learn how to draw other fruits, then visit the category “Food”, where you will find everything that interests you.

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