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How to Draw a Mango

How to draw a mango

Today we have prepared for you one more drawing tutorial about tropical fruit.We recently drew a coconut, earlier we drew several other fruits. It is really a pity that we cannot make a real salad from several lessons of drawing fruits. So let us begin this drawing tutorial about how to draw a mango.



Step 1

The fruit we draw has a round shape. Therefore, the first step in this step is to draw a round figure.

How to draw a mango


Step 2

We will add just two parts and an ordinary circle will look like a real fruit. As you can see, in this step we draw a leaf and a stalk. You can arrange the leaf in the other side at your discretion.

How to draw a mango step by step


Step 3

Draw the details of the sheet. Erase all additional lines from previous steps.

Mango drawing tutorial


Step 4

Now we put light shadows. Determine the source of light and draw the shadows where the light does not fall. Do not forget to draw the shadow that the fruit casts on the ground.

Mango drawing tutorial

We hope this drawing tutorial has been helpful to you. Do not forget to visit us more often and read our new articles!

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