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How to Draw a Lime

Lime drawing

In this sketching guide, we will show and tell you how to draw a lime. We decided to make a separate article about this fruit because it is slightly different in shape and size from lemon.

Step 1

If we were drawing a lemon, in step one we would need to draw an oval. But now we’ll first draw an uneven asymmetrical circle.

How to draw a lime

Step 2

This will be a very short and easy step. Here we draw a small bulge on the left of the lime, as in our example.

Lime drawing tutorial

Step 3

Draw short and curved lines along the edges of this sour fruit. Notice that below we draw a few more lines. This will help you create the citrus texture.

How to draw a lime easy

Step 4

Now we draw the shadows. Shadows in this case look like light hatching in places where the light does not fall.

How to draw a lime

In this lesson, using four very simple steps, we taught you to draw a fruit called lime. Using the principles from this drawing guide you will be able to draw many other fruits that look like lime, for example a lemon. The only difference is that the lemon is slightly more elongated, while the lime is more round.

Lime and lemon drawings

And if you want to learn to sketch fruits that are not at all like citrus, then visit our category called “Food”, where you will find lessons about apple, cherry, watermelon and much more. All these tutorials will be very useful for those who want to be able to draw pictures in the style of still life. You can arrange for example a lime, a couple of apples and a jug of flowers on the table. And of course, all these items, you can learn to draw using the guides from drawingforall.net.

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