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How to Draw a Kobold

Kobold drawing

Hello dear artists and welcome to DrawingForAll. As you probably know, on our site there is a category called “Myths and Legends”, in which we publish lessons about different characters and creatures from fantasy worlds, such as Dungeons and Dragons. In this category we have already shown you how to draw a troll, phoenix, centaur and many others. And today we decided to make another lesson for this category, in which we will tell you how to draw a kobold.


Step 1

So, let’s first outline the skeleton of our character. We sketch out the head with a circle and a cylinder. Next outline the neck and the long spine that goes into the tail. Next draw a relatively wide chest and a small pelvis. Now sketch out human arms and legs, which are more like the legs of an animal.

how to draw a Kobold

Step 2

Let’s add some volume. First, we’ll draw the lines on the face that will help us outline the details on the head. Next, draw a thin neck and torso quite tapering to the waist. Now with the help of simple geometric figures draw the arms and legs (limbs in the form of cylinders and joints in the form of circles). Sketch out human hands, unhuman feet, tail, sabre and spear.

how to draw a Kobold from fantasy

Step 3

Carefully draw out the details on the head of our being. Huge round eyes, long muzzle and mouth. Erase all guidelines from the head and draw a spiked outlines. Note that the head of the kobold is somewhat like the head of a lizard.

how to draw a Kobold from Dungeons and Dragons

Step 4

Now let’s move on to the torso. Erasing all the additional lines draw out the outlines of the muscles of the neck and armor on the torso. This armor consists of a shield for the torso and shoulder pads. Give the armor a worn look with short strokes.

how to draw a Kobold from DND

Step 5

Now let’s move to the arms. With the help of clear lines draw out thin but sinewy arms and fists into which the sabre and spear are compressed. Draw the bandages on the arms. And at the end of the step draw out the long and sharp spear and slightly curved sabre.

how to draw a Kobold from D n D

Step 6

In this step we will work on the lower part of our kobold. Draw out the short legs with long toes/. Note, that legs of the kobold are more like legs of a lizard. Do not forget to erase all the remaining additional lines, drawout the tail and armor on the knee.

how to draw a Kobold

Step 7

So, now we have only to make our kobold more realistic. To do this we will add shadows. Shadows here will be made with the help of classic hatching, which will lie in the least illuminated areas of our drawing.

Kobold drawing

It was a fantasy drawing lesson about how to draw a kobold. What character or monster of fantasy would you like to see on our site? Let us know about this in the comments to this article or in our social networks.

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