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How to Draw Anime

How to draw anime

If you want to learn how to draw anime, then this drawing tutorial prepared by the team of Drawingforall.net is made especially for you. This basic anime drawing guide will give you important knowledge and show you some useful tips, to help you draw anime of any kind. First, using all the steps listed below, try to repeat the picture drawn by the team of Drawingforall.net, and then using the received knowledge, draw other characters, to consolidate your knowledge.


Step 1

To properly draw anime, we must depict the skeleton of the anime person. Let’s start with the head of the anime person, outlining it in the form of an oval, or a figure resembling an egg. Next, depict the line of the spine on which draw the chest and the pelvis. Sketch the limbs in the form of simple lines and joints in the form of very small circles.

Anime drawing tutorial

Step 2

To properly draw an anime face, you must draw lines of symmetry of the face. These two lines should intersect exactly in the center of the face, at the location of the nasal bridge. Next, depict the neck in the form of a short cylinder. Next, move below and sketch the torso and the triangular pelvis.

How to draw anime step by step

Step 3

Now we need to depict the limbs of the anime. Sketch out the limbs in the form of simple cylinders and the joints in the form of spheres. Hands and feet should also be sketched with very simple geometric shapes. The team of Drawingforall.net wants to notice that you can draw anime people of different builds, making the geometric shapes we have drawn thicker, thinner, longer or shorter.

How to draw anime step by step easy

Step 4

Using the lines of symmetry of the face outline the eyes, nose and mouth. Next, depict the hair with a large number of light lines. Of course, all anime persons have very different hairstyles and facial features, so experiment, change these traits to get a unique anime persons.

How to draw anime easy

Step 5

To properly draw an anime body, first of all you need to depict the most basic details of the body and clothing. In this step we will show how to depict the upper body. Sketch the outlines of the jacket, shirt collars and narrow tie. We draw an anime boy in a classic costume, but you can wear a t-shirt or polo on him.

How to draw anime step by step

Step 6

Now we need to map out the details on the anime person’s lower body. Using long smooth lines, sketch out the pants and shoes. Do not forget to add folds in the knee area and at the very bottom of the pants. We draw anime boy in classic pants, but you can put shorts or samurai pants on him.

How to draw anime

Step 7

So, in the last step, we finished the initial sketch of the anime person, and starting with this step we will start drawing anime using clear finishing details. Using flowing lines, draw the outlines of the face, eyes, nose and mouth. Next, draw the anime boy’s hair. Now just erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head.

How to draw anime for beginners

Step 8

Now we will draw the anime person torso. Using very clear and dark lines trace the shirt, jacket and tie. Do not forget to draw the buttons, pocket and folds in the area of compressing and stretching the fabric. As in the previous step, take the eraser and erase unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Anime drawing lesson

Step 9

Now we draw anime person’s arms. Using clear and dark lines we trace the outlines of the sleeves, not forgetting to draw the folds as in our drawing below. Finish drawing the arms by drawing hands. Again, take the eraser and remove all the guidelines from the whole upper body.

Anime drawing tutorial

Step 10

In this of the guide on how to draw anime, we’ll finish drawing the body. Here we will need to carefully trace the outlines of the pants, not forgetting to add folds and seams. In the same step, we complete drawing shoes. To make your anime drawing look clean and neat, remove all the remaining guidelines.

Anime drawing guide

Step 11

To give your anime drawing some volume, we need to add shadows. In order not to be mistaken in drawing shadows, first of all you should determine the source of light, and then add shadows with this in mind. Darker shadows are applied with additional hatching layers.

How to draw anime

As we said, this simple lesson from the team of Drawingforall.net on how to draw anime serves as a kind of basic lesson that will be a guide for you to depict absolutely any anime character, from Eren Yeager to Naruto Uzumaki. So, and now some obvious, but very important tips that will help improve your skills. The most important thing for any artist is a daily and painstaking practice, so draw and paint different and unusual antagonists and protagonists from anime. Try to repeat existing and well-known characters as well as create your own unique ones. And also do not forget that Drawingforall.net has pages on all known social networks (we have for example pages on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter), so be sure to subscribe to follow the updates.


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