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How to Draw a Phoenix

how to draw a Phoenix

Hello dear readers of DrawingForAll. In today’s drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw a phoenix. As you know it is a mythological bird that has the ability to burn itself and then reborn. Known in the mythologies of different cultures.


Step 1

Despite the fact that the phoenix is a very unusual bird we will draw it using a way of drawing an ordinary bird. Thus first of all draw a head in a form of a circle and torso in a shape of a bean. Then using simple lines sketch out the wings and legs.

how to draw a phoenix

Step 2

Now we add some general details. Draw outlines of the beak and eyes on the head. Next make the neck and legs thicker. Sketch out the feathers of the wings and long tail.

how to draw a phoenix step by step

Step 3

Erasing all the unnecessary guidelines from the head we draw out the hooked beak, contours of the head and frown eyes. Note that the head of our phoenix is very similar to the head of a bald eagle.

learn how to draw a phoenix

Step 4

At this step we will draw something that no one normal bird don’t have – flames rising above the head of our phoenix. The flame should be drawn using twisted lines of different length.

phoenix drawing tutorial

Step 5

Draw out the feathers. First draw the bottom row of feathers, it should be longer than the remaining rows. In the same step draw out the neck.

Phoenix art

Step 6

Continue the lesson about how to draw a phoenix. Erase all the unnecessary guidelines from the torso and draw out the legs and long fingers with sharp claws.

learn to draw a Phoenix from myths

Step 7

We almost finished drawing the phoenix. Using slightly curved and clear lines draw long tail feathers.

Phoenix drawing

Step 8

To make our phoenix more realistic we need to add shadows. Use classic hatching to make shadows look like in our example.

how to draw a Phoenix

The drawing of a phoenix is ready. Using this drawing lesson you will be able to draw not only a phoenix but also any other bird. Also you can add some flames to the tail or wings. Visit our “Myths and Legends” category to learn to draw an ogre, troll, dwarf and many other fantasy characters.


  1. It is really useful for school art gallery purpose. I’m Thakshiya. Age 12. I’m a student please send more mythical creatures drawing.

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