How to Draw a Jackhammer Step by Step

How to draw a jackhammerstep by step

Hello everybody. Having seen the drawing lesson on how to draw a jackhammer, you might think that we have run out of themes for drawing. But in fact, we just want to draw all possible and impossible objects.

Step 1

First of all draw a square and two rectangles on each side of the square.

How to draw a jackhammer

Step 2

Under the square from the previous step draw two elongated rectangles one above the other.

How to sketch a jackhammer

Step 3

Now using dark and clear lines draw out the upper part of the jackhammer

How to draw a jackhammer

Step 4

Now move to the bottom part as well using clear and dark lines draw it out.

How to draw a jackhammerstep by step

It was easy enough, and it’s possible that it was too easy for many of you. But we believe that the site should not consist solely of super difficult lessons, like lessons about a Ferrari or a Dr. Manhattan.

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