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How to Draw a Hammer

How to draw a hammer

Hello dear artists and welcome to Drawing For All. In our previous drawing tutorials our artists showed you how to draw a jackhammer, a war hammer and a hammerhead shark . Today we wanr to draw what unites all these things. So, let’s begin the lesson on how to draw a hammer.


Step 1

At first we need to draw a simple rectangle. Next draw a triangle above the rectangle. This is the head of our hammer.

How to draw a hammer

Step 2

Now sketch out the handle of our hammer. It can be either straight or slightly widened towards the end as in the example below.

How to draw a hammer

Step 3

Using light and smooth lines circle the hammer and form the head, as shown in our example. By the way, we remind that the first steps we draw using very light lines.

How to draw a hammer step by step

Step 4

Take an eraser and delete all unnecessary guidelines and draw out the hammer with clear and dark lines.

Learn how to sketch a hammer

Step 5

On the head of our hammer we draw some shadows and glare. Also add shadows to the underside of the handle using hatching.

How to draw a hammer

It was a simple but a quite realistic lesson on how to draw a hammer. We believe that it is useful to be able to draw such basic and familiar for all things as hammers, pencils and vases. This is useful primarily because you can take this item, put it in front of you and draw it using our drawing tutorials. Recall that in such social networks as Pinterest and Facebook we publish short versions of our drawing lessons, where there is no text, but with them you can learn to draw anything very quickly and without any problems.

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