How to Draw a Drill

6 Drill drawing

Hello dear artists. We very rarely draw building tools, and today we decided to fix it. So, let’s start a lesson on how to draw a drill.


Step 1

So, take a pencil in your hand and sketch out a long oval as in our example.

How to draw a drill

Step 2

Now sketch out the drill bit and a handle with a battery in the bottom of the handle.

Learn how to draw a drill

Step 3

Using very light lines sketch out some general details, as shown in our example.

Learn to draw a drill step by step

Step 4

Using clear lines draw out the drill bit and details of the body of our drill.

How to sketch a drill

Step 5

Here we draw out the handle, trigger and large battery. Erase all unnecessary guidelines.

How to draw a drill step by step

Step 6

Now we need to add some shadows to make our drill drawing more realistic.

6 Drill drawing

What do you think about this drawing lesson. Write your opinion and share this lesson with your friends, it is very important for us.


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