How to Draw an Arrow

how to draw an arrow

Hello everybody!, It’s, and today we will show you how to draw an arrow. At early times, the bow and arrows were a formidable weapon. Nowadays arrows are often used in hunting and in sports. It’s very easy drawing guide, and with this lesson can cope even a beginner. So, let’s start the tutorial!

Step 1

Arrows are made of straight branches of the tree, and today we will try to draw an arrow using the maximum straight lines. At first draw a vertical line. It will be good if you could draw that line without a ruler. You should try to draw this line as straight as possible. The ability to draw straight lines necessary for each artist. Being able to draw straight lines, you can, for example, draw wolverine claws or an iPhone without a ruler. If you can not draw it on the first try, erase and try to draw the line again. Actually, at this stage we made a big part of the draft. But we must not relax.

how to draw arrow

Step 2

Continue our tutorial on how to draw an arrow. Draw another vertical line directly under the first one. The arrow must be straight and narrow. As we have said, this is a very simple lesson. Notice, that both lines should be the same distance from each other along the entire length. And, as we have said, you should try to draw all the lines without a ruler. And we are left to draw the head and fletching of the arrow.

how to draw arrow step by step

Step 3

At this step we draw the arrowhead. There are many different arrowheads, today we are going to draw the most popular of them – the triangle. It should look like an acute-angled triangle. The upper and lower corners of the head should be the same. In fact, it is not just a drawing lesson on how to draw an arrow, but rather a lesson on how to draw straight lines. And as in the previous steps, you should try to draw the arrowhead without a ruler.

drawing arrow

Step 4

By using the pair of trapezoids outline the fletching of the arrow. As in the last step, the upper and lower parts of the fletching  have to be the same. You know what we say about a ruler, is not it? Yes, no rules, only handmade lines, only hardcore! Our arrow drawing is almost ready, there is only one step.

arrow drawing pencil

Step 5

In this step, we will erase all unnecessary lines and finish drawing the arrow’s fletching. Add some diagonal lines to the tail. Take care that the diagonal lines were the same distance from each other. Circle the lines and erase remaining unnecessary guidelines from the projectile drawing, and our arrow drawing is done.

how to draw an arrow

It was very easy tutorial about how to draw an arrow step by step, is not it?. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you made a straight and beautiful arrow drawing, you should try more complex drawing lessons, for example the guide on how to draw original Wolverine or how to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider. Subscribe to us on the social networks, tell your friends about us and check back often to our website. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing tutorials. Goodbye!

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