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How to Draw Chameleon from Marvel

How to draw Chameleon from Marvel

Good afternoon! Today we will draw a mysterious and dangerous villain from the universe of Marvel. As you can see, we are talking about a Сhameleon.

This guy always brings a lot of trouble to Peter Parker. Sometimes we can see him as a terrorist or assassin. Sometimes he is part of a whole team of villains. But in any story, the Chameleon is a formidable and unpredictable opponent. By the way, he does not have much physical strength or dexterity. His superpower is the ability to change the appearance.

Step 1

Chameleon has many faces, but his physique is quite ordinary.

How to draw Chameleon from Marvel


Step 2

Now we draw lines of symmetry of the face, which should intersect in the center of the face, near the bridge of the nose. Next sketch out the neck and torso little tapering at the waist. Sketch out the arms and legs with simple geometric figures.

How to draw Chameleon from Spider-Man


Step 3

So we continue this drawing tutorial in which we tell you about how to Draw Chameleon from Marvel. Using a couple of lines draw the collar of the jacket. Draw the contours of the jacket’s sleeves and pants.

How to sketch Chameleon from Marvel


Step 4

This is a very good drawing tutorial for you if you do not like drawing facial features in detail. All you need to do in this step is to draw a pair of very short lines on the nose’s place. And another couple of actions is drawing the eyes and mouth.

Learn to draw Chameleon from Marvel


Step 5

Let’s erase the unnecessary lines from the upper part of Chameleon. Circle the lines to make them clean as you can see in our picture. Draw the collar of a turtleneck. Add some folds to the jacket. Do not forget to paint a handkerchief in the breast pocket.

How to draw Chameleon step by step


Step 6

Draw pants and shoes in detail. Be sure to mark a pair of folds in the groin area, on the knees and next to the shoes.

Chameleon from Marvel drawing tutorial


Step 7

Let’s works with shadows. First of all we paint the face and head. We did this using hatching, but you can paint it in solid black. Next, add shadows to some parts of Chameleon’s clothes. Again, you can do this with hatching, or with solid black shadows, as in the lesson about Kingpin.

How to draw Chameleon from Marvel

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