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How to Draw a Dragon Easy

How to draw a dragon easy

Not so long ago, the team of Drawingforall.net showed you how to draw a flying dragon and dragon eye. Today we want to continue the theme of these beautiful mythical creatures, and created a lesson about how to draw a dragon easy.


Step 1

The first step of this lesson will be very simple, and in it we will outline the skeleton of the dragon. First of all, we sketch out the head and neck, which passes into the spine and tail. Then sketch out the chest and pelvis of the dragon. After that, let’s outline limbs, that is the arms, legs, and wings.

How to draw a dragon easy

Step 2

The dragon’s skeleton is done, and it is time to make our ancient creature more voluminous. Let’s start with the head, sketching out the outlines of the open jaw of the dragon. Next, we draw the outlines of the curved neck, which moves into the torso and then into the tail.

dragon easy drawing

Step 3

We continue to add volume to the body of our frightening dragon. This will be a very difficult step in which we will accurately sketch out the outlines of the legs. After that, we outline huge wings, as shown in our example.

How to draw a dragon step by step

Step 4

In this step, we will add some basic details to the body of our dragon. Let’s start with the head, sketching the outlines of the eye, open mouth and outlines of the head. Then proceeds to the body by drawing spikes on the back and tail. After that, we sketch out the details on the wings and sharp claws on the paws.

How to draw a dragon for beginners

Step 5

It is time for clear lines and dark strokes. We begin by tradition with the head. Carefully draw the outlines of the uneven mouth, dotted with razor-sharp teeth. Next, draw evil eyes and outlines of the head. Remove unnecessary guidelines from the head.

How to draw a dragon easy for beginners

Step 6

Now we continue the lines of the head, which go into a curved neck, which goes into the torso. With the help of smooth lines draw out the arms. Note that the arms must be sufficiently muscular and similar to human arms.

How to sketch a dragon easy step by step

Step 7

We finish drawing the torso. Note that the torso of a dragon is simultaneously similar to the torso of a human and a reptile. Continuing the lines of the torso draw out the long tail, as in the example below. Circle all the lines of the legs, muscles and fingers with claws.

How to sketch a dragon easy

Step 8

In this step, we’ll finish drawing the dragon’s body, and as you can see, all that remains is to draw the wings. Carefully circle the lines of the wings with the help of long and smooth lines. When drawing dragon wings, consider all the folds and joints on the wings.

dragon easy drawing tutorial

Step 9

The lesson on how to draw a dragon easy is almost complete, and we just have to draw some shadows. Look at the drawing and determine in which areas the shadows will lie. After that, draw the shadows with the help of dense hatching.

How to draw a dragon easy

Do you love dragons as much as we do? If so, go to the category “Myths and Legends” on drawingforall.net, where you will find not only dragons in different guises, but also a variety of other creatures from stories, tales and legends.


    1. I got stuck on step 2 on the jaw. Very cool but difficult. Honestly, the directions should be clearer on the end.

  1. The steps are not really clear at the end, the difference between them is so small

  2. I always look for good experiences in drawing,
    And this is one of those!
    Tricky and took a long time, that’s why I like it

  3. It was easy!
    Why are you making a fuss about it!
    I just put a peice of paper on the drawing and I trace it!

  4. I drew it And it was hard a little but I got there! Never give up I didn’t!

  5. Very good drawing, I got stuck at step 5 the face, mine turned out tike a cartoonish but the other body is so realistic. But it is very good.
    Like I say every drawing has a critical point

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