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How to Draw an Armchair

armchair drawing

Hello, dear artists. Recently we decided to take up the interior details and drew a chair and a bath. In this lesson we want to continue this topic and offer you a lesson on how to draw an armchair.

Step 1

So, as in the lesson about the chair we first outline the bottom part of our armchair is a shape of a cube.

how to draw an armchair

Step 2

Continue sketching out general outlines. Sketch out the back of the armchair that slightly widens to the top.

how to draw an armchair step by step

Step 3

Continue the lesson on how to draw an armchair. Now, using slightly curved lines sketch out the arms of our armchair.

chair drawing

Step 4

Using straight lines outline the lower edges of the armchair and the short legs.

how to draw a chair

Step 5

Carefully circle the lines of the back, arms and sit of the armchair. Erase the guidelines from the top parts of the drawing.

chair for drawing

Step 6

Now we do the same with the lower part of the armchair – draw out the lower edges and legs.

how to draw an armchair

Step 7

And the last step where we draw the rivets and add shadows to make our lesson more realistic.

armchair drawing

The drawing of the armchair is ready. We want to make many new and interesting drawing lessons. You can help us by simply subscribing to us in social networks and sharing our lessons with your friends.

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  1. needs better steps if your a beginner don’t use this site use beginner sites

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