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How to Draw a Dabbing Dog

how to draw a dabbing dog

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a dabbing dog. This is a pretty basic tutorial that is great for aspiring artists. We decided to get rid of the difficult anatomical details and left only the most necessary steps. Just repeat these steps and you will end up with great results.


Step 1

So let’s get started with this guide on how to draw a dabbing dog. The two rounded shapes are exactly what we see in the illustration for this action. Draw these shapes and localize them in the center of the paper. The upper figure is very large compared to the lower one. Notice the slight tilt of the entire composition. As you can see, these shapes are not perfectly straight and perfectly symmetrical.

How to draw a cartoon dog

Step 2

Find the perfect pose for this dog. We chose to create a dynamic pose that resembles a dance. The cartoon style eliminates the need to draw complex anatomical structures such as joints or muscles. All the curves are pretty smooth. All the curves are pretty smooth. The contours of the limbs taper smoothly in the distal direction.

how to draw a dog that is dabbing

Step 3

Some things we have to draw in both realistic and cartoon styles. For example, these are fingers. Draw three rounded toes on each paw. Pay attention to the shape and size of the fingers, as well as the position of the fingers in relation to each other. Fingers can have different shapes depending on the angle. This is especially noticeable on the toes of the upper paws of our beautiful dog.

how to draw a cute dabbing dog

Step 4

Draw the ears of the dog. You can change the shape of the ears to your liking. Draw larger drooping ears or short protruding ears depending on your imagination. Use the outlines of the head and upper legs as a guide.

how to draw a dabbing dog step by step

Step 5

Draw the outlines of our dog’s cheeks and nose. The nose looks like an inverted truncated cone. The cheeks are formed by three flowing lines. Due to the fact that the eyes of our character are closed with hands, the cheeks and mouth become the main exponents of emotions.

how do you draw a dabbing dog

Step 6

So, we are getting close to completing this dabbing dog drawing tutorial. Draw small parts of the facial features that we can see. In our case, these are the eyebrows and a small edge of the left eye. If you come up with a more open pose, sketch out the eyes and nose.

how to draw a dabbing dog easy

If this dabbing dog drawing guide was helpful, please let us know about it. Your opinions and criticism are very important to us. Your comments really help us to understand in which direction our drawing lessons should be moved. Don’t forget to check out other tutorials in the categories of drawing animals and cartoons.


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