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How to Draw a Hotdog

How to draw a hotdog

Hotdog is one of the most famous and popular dishes in the world. It is hard to say that this dish is a good example of a healthy diet. Nevertheless, it is a tasty and hearty dish that can be used for a quick snack.

Therefore, we decided to create this lesson about how to draw a hotdog. Let’s start!


Step 1

First we draw the contours of the hotdog bun. It looks like an ordinary loaf of bread. Please note that the ends of the loaf are slightly different in shape.

Hotdog drawing lesson


Step 2

In order for the filling to fit in a loaf, the loaf must be strongly cut. Do not forget that hotdog contains not only a sausage. In hotdog also put lettuce, sauces, tomatoes and other ingredients.

So in this step we draw two smooth oblique lines. These lines taper to the left but widen to the right.

How to draw a hotdog easy


Step 3

We continue the drawing tutorial on how to draw a hotdog. In this step, we draw the outlines of the sausage. As in the previous step, you should use smooth lines. You can draw any filling to your taste. For example, there are hotdogs with very long hunter’s sausages.

How to draw a hotdog step by step


Step 4

In this step, we erase unnecessary contours from bread and sausages. On the front of the sausage draw several short lines that converge at the center. Also in this step we draw mustard. Mustard looks like a smooth curved strip that covers the sausage. You can add other sauces or ingredients if you want.

hotdog drawing tutorial


Step 5

Draw a little light shadow. We draw light shading on the inside of the bun and on the front of the sausage. Shadow on the surface will make hotdog more realistic.

How to draw a hotdog

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