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How to Draw a Kawaii Cat

how to draw a kawaii cat

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw a Kawaii Cat. It will be a very simple art, but you will definitely enjoy drawing it. The hardest part of this tutorial is drawing the eyes. Everything else should not cause any difficulties at all.

Step 1

As you know, we love to create really cool art from simple basic shapes. In this case, we will also draw a cool kawaii cat using simple shapes. In this step, we will draw two rounded shapes that look like a mushroom.

how to draw a kawaii cat

Step 2

All cute characters should have huge, expressive eyes. Therefore, we will draw a pair of large, almond-shaped eyes inside the outline of the mushroom cap from the previous step.

how to draw a kawaii cat face

Step 3

And now we sketch out the outlines of a small nose that looks like an oval and a tongue that protrudes from under the rounded cheeks. Note that these lines form a small but noticeable angle.

how to draw a kawaii cat for beginners

Step 4

So we continue with the guide on how to draw a kawaii cat. Huge ears are the thing we’ll be working on in this step. You can create any shape. We chose a typical shape that looks like a triangle with convex lines. The ears are slightly less than the head of this cute cat.

how to draw a kawaii cat easy step by step

Step 5

To make our cat’s ears more realistic, we will add lines to indicate the outlines of the inside of the ears. These are long, curved lines that merge into horizontal angular lines like in our sample.

how to draw a simple kawaii cat

Step 6

So, we have drawn all the primary paths, now we can add details. In this step, we will draw the pupils and highlights that are located inside the eyes. As you know, the position of the pupils forms the direction of the gaze.

how to draw a kawaii nyan cat

Step 7

This will be the shortest step in the entire tutorial. Now we are drawing a small collar and mustache that looks like horizontal lines pointing in different directions.

how to draw kawaii cats

Step 8

Let’s draw the front legs. We have chosen a position of the legs in which one leg is slightly bent and the other is straight. However, you can choose any position you like.

how to draw a kawaii cat step by step

Step 9

In this step, we will work with the lower torso. Fortunately, we don’t need to draw small and complex details. We draw a pair of rounded paws and a small space between them in the form of a concave line.

how to draw a cute kawaii cat

Step 10

So we are practically finishing work on this cute cat. Now we will draw a small rounded tail. You can choose any shape for the tail of your choice.

how to draw a kawaii cat easy

Step 11

If we erase all unnecessary guidelines, we get the final result. Do not forget to shade the pupils, avoiding the outlines of the highlights.

how to draw a kawaii cat

Above, in seven fairly simple steps, we showed you how to draw a Kawaii Cat easily and quickly. This is certainly not the first or last instruction on how to draw chibi animals. We have already created an incredible number of very different lessons about the most different chibi animals and characters. If you want to be aware of all future articles, then be sure to subscribe to us on social networks.


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