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How to Draw a Dog Paw

how to draw a dog paw

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a dog paw. This guide will be helpful if you want to draw an entire dog or if you want to practice drawing a paw. You do not need to study the features of the dog’s body structure to create a stylish and high-quality drawing. Just follow the order of actions from our tutorial and you will get a great result.


Step 1

So, we start this guide on how to draw a dog paw. First, draw the rough outline of our dog’s paw. Choose a suitable location for the paw on the piece of paper and then draw a large oval. As you can see, this shape is not symmetrical. Note the slight tapering downward.

how to draw an easy dog paw

Step 2

Add the outlines of the dog’s forearm using two beveled lines. As you can see, the lines are not perfectly straight, but they are parallel. Also in this step, we need to divide the distal edge of the dog’s paw with three smooth, short lines. Try to draw these lines without pressing hard on the pencil.

how to draw a dog paw easy

Step 3

Draw small, rounded claws that are located near the distal edges of the fingers. As you know, dogs don’t have long sharp claws, so try to draw this as realistic as possible.

how to draw a simple dog paw

Step 4

Our guide to drawing a dog paw ends. Delete the extra guidelines that we drew earlier. Give completeness and clarity to the final lines. Check your drawing for mistakes and inaccuracies.

how to draw a realistic dog paw

Step 5

Small light shadows are exactly what we need to draw to complete this drawing tutorial. If you draw shadows using short oblique hatching, you will depict the texture of smooth wool. Use crisscrossing two-layer shading in areas with the strongest possible shadow.

how to draw a dog paw

We hope you got a great result. You can now draw a dog or continue to practice your dog paw drawing skills. In any case, do not forget to let us know how much you have succeeded in this. We are looking forward to your criticism and your questions in our social networks and in the comments right below this post.

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