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How to Draw a Cool Dog

how to draw a cool dog

In this guide, we will tell you how to draw a cool dog. If you want to learn how to draw animals, but are not completely confident in your abilities, you can start with very simple lessons. For example, with our today’s lesson.


Step 1

Let’s draw a circle and an oval. The oval should be larger than the circle. Both shapes should be centered on the paper. You might think this is a very easy step, but it is important to do it as correctly as possible. The fact is that all subsequent steps depend on this step.

how to sketch a cool dog

Step 2

In this step, we will add several details at once. First, we add the ears that look like triangles. Then we draw a couple of vertical smooth lines connecting the circle and the oval. At the end of this step, we will add the outlines of the paws.

how to draw a cool dog for beginners

Step 3

So, we continue the guide on how to draw a cool dog. As a rule, dogs do not use glasses, but we are drawing a very cool dog and therefore we will start this step by drawing glasses. But all dogs have a nose, so let’s draw a nose that looks like a circle inside an open angular shape.

how to draw a cool dog easy

Step 4

So we have an approximate silhouette of the cool dog ready and now we can add finer details. Using smooth lines, we will draw the inner contours of the auricle. We will also add two corners, which are located laterally, now we have the completed face outline. We will also draw in more detail the glasses and nose.

how to draw a cool dog step by step

Step 5

Our cool dog drawing has one notable feature. Please note that our dog has a very large tie. This tie is larger than the dog itself. Draw the right edge of the tie with a wavy line, and draw the left edge with a straight line. Draw a short, straight line in the center of the tie.

how to draw a really cool dog

Step 6

We are very close to completing this tutorial about drawing a cool dog, we hope you are not too tired. In this step, we will pay special attention to the detailed drawing of the dog’s paws. Using short and smooth lines, draw the toes on the feet.

how to draw a cool dog step by step

Step 7

Remove construction lines from the previous steps. Draw all the details and the outline of the body of the cool dog with a thicker line. If you want to make the cool dog drawing more complex you can add some light shadows.

how to draw a cool dog

Today we showed you how to draw a cool dog. We tried to make this a really simple drawing guide. What animal do you like and who would you like to see on our site? Write to us about it either here or on our social networks.


  1. cute dog! i love it, looks like he belongs at my school teaching XD

  2. thanks for the dog drawing not very good though : not a good drawer thanks !!

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