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How to Draw a Closed Book

how to draw a closed book

Hello dear readers. In one of the previous drawing tutorials we showed you how to draw a book. That tutorial became very popular and many of our readers asked us to make another tutorial and show how to draw a closed book.The tutorial is ready do let’s start drawing!


Step 1

At first let’s draw such a geometric figure as in our example. If you can draw this figure without a ruler it will be very cool.

how to draw a closed book

Step 2

Continue drawing the book. In this step we add edges to the figure from the previous step that give the book more three-dimensional view.

how to draw a closed book

Step 3

In this step the drawing will look more like a book. Draw out the spine of the book. At the top and bottom draw the cover with rounded corners.

learn to draw a closed book

Step 4

Erase all unnecessary guidelines and the general outlines of the book is ready. Note that you can leave the covers clear or add your own title or drawing.

closed book drawing

Step 5

Using short lines draw the sheets between the covers. And now let’s make our book more realistic and add shadows.

how to draw a closed book

We hope that this lesson learned you how to draw a closed book. If you want more lessons about similar things visit our lessons about a candle or glasses. Also you can write what tutorial you want to see on our site and we will make it in a short time.


  1. This is the easiest way to draw a book that I have ever seen! This is a great tutorial!


  3. It really was a great tutorial.But at the last part I was lucky to have a shading tool 🙂

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