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How to Draw a Dog Ball

 how to draw a dog ball

Today we will show you how to draw a dog ball. This is another lesson in a series of lessons on drawing pets and everything related to them. During the creation of this tutorial, we tried to simplify all the difficult moments as much as possible. As a result, you only have to work on the symmetry and correctness of the shapes.

Step 1

To draw this dog ball, use a small blank in the form of three intersecting lines. There is a small smooth line at each edge. Of course, you can draw this ball with the auxiliary tools. However, if you paint yourself it will greatly increase your skill.

 how to draw a dog ball very easy

Step 2

You probably spent a lot of energy before moving on to this action. Check the correctness and evenness of all the lines that you drew earlier and connect them to form a circle. In fact, this shouldn’t cause any difficulty if the lines and small strokes in the previous step are even and symmetrical.

how to draw a dog ball easy

Step 3

Check the correctness of all drawn lines. Use a mirror – in a mirror image you will see all the shortcomings and mistakes. After that erase all lines except the outer outline. You should end up with a circle that makes a great base for the dog’s ball.

how to draw a ball

Step 4

And now you can fully express your creativity. Draw any patterns, logos, and decorations of your choice. Slightly curving the patterns will help make the drawing more realistic. Try to think about shadow localization beforehand. As a result, you will receive a dog ball with your individual design.

 how to draw a dog toy

Step 5

Draw shadows. To draw the shadows perfectly, determine the location of the light source. After that, draw a shadow in the form of a section of sweeping, intense hatching. Select the places with the strongest shadow and add a second layer of crosshatching. Also, increasing the intensity of the shading will help create a thicker shadow.

 how to draw a dog ball step by step

Step 6

In this step, you can double-check the correctness of all shapes and outlines. After that, you can delete all the guide construction lines drawn earlier, to make this dog ball drawing look more finished. Congratulations, this is a great job!

 how to draw a dog ball

So, the dog ball drawing tutorial came to an end. If you often visit the pages of Drawingforall.net, then you may have already noticed that we are very fond of pets and animals theme. If you want us to publish new drawing lessons about it more often, be sure to subscribe to us on social networks and share our drawing lessons. You have no idea how we rejoice every time we see our drawing lessons on the pages of our readers.

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