How to Draw a Book

book pencil drawing

Today the team of artists and editors of is glad to present you a new drawing lesson, in which we will learn to draw a book. Now, In the digital era of iPhones and tablet computers is hard to imagine that just recently the only source of knowledge and objective information about the world was a book with paper pages. But books are still popular. A good paper book is a precious gift, and flip through paper pages is much nicer than using convenient but so lifeless touch screen. So, it’s time to start this simple tutorial about how to draw a book.


Step 1

To draw a book without any mistakes, first you need to draw a vertical line in the center of the sheet, as in the sample of the first phase of this book.

how to draw a book

Step 2

We now outline the contours of the main pages, that is, those which lay before us, and the text of which we could read if the book was an open one.

how to draw a book step by step

Step 3

Add a few pages at left and right sides. These pages should not be ideally at the same distance from each other, because if you read a book a lot, some pages will be dented more than others.

book drawing

Step 4

Now draw a hardcover of a book and remaining pages. Repeat everything as in the drawing of a book drawn by the artists of

draw a book

Step 5

Erase the guidelines and draw the cover. Add recent details to the book. You can add some shadows or colors to give your book sketch more realism. The book drawing is done!

book pencil drawing

It was a drawing lesson in which we told you about how to draw a book. We are waiting for your likes and subscriptions on our pages on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Deviantart. Write comments there and share your pictures with us. Stay tuned and wait for new tutorials on

11 Responses

  1. Me

    Can you show less cartoon characters and more still life’s.
    Thank you!

    • admin

      In one of our next drawing lessons we will draw an owl.

  2. Eva

    Great drawing ,can be more difficult next time .
    Super interesting

  3. AwesomeSausage

    Can you show us how to draw each step because you just say, “ draw the hardback cover” but you’re are not saying how.



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