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How to Draw a Book

book pencil drawing

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a book. According to our tradition, we will show you how to draw a fairly realistic object in the simplest way.
Now, In the digital era of iPhones and tablet computers, it is hard to imagine that just recently the only source of knowledge and objective information about the world was a book with paper pages.

But books are still popular. A good paper book is a precious gift, and flipping through paper pages is much more enjoyable than using a convenient but lifeless touch screen. So, it’s time to start this simple tutorial about how to draw a book.


Step 1

To draw a book without any mistakes, firstly, you need to draw a vertical guideline. This centerline will help you not to get confused in proportions and draw the book in the most proportional and symmetrical way.

how to draw a book

Step 2

Now draw the outlines of the main pages, that is, those that lie in front of us, and the text of which we could read if the book were open. The lines on the sides should be straight, and the lines above and below should be slightly curved.

how to draw a book step by step

Step 3

Draw a few pages on the left and right sides. These pages don’t have to be exactly the same distance from each other, because if you read the book often, some pages will be creased ​more than others

book drawing

Step 4

Now draw the arched spine of the book and draw the remaining pages. If it seems to you that your book drawing looks asymmetrical and disproportionate, then you can check this by looking at it through a mirror.

draw a book

Step 5

Erase the guidelines and draw the cover with a few straight lines. You can draw some shadows or add colors to give your book drawing a more realistic look. In addition, you can add some text or pictures to the pages of the book.

book pencil drawing

This was a book drawing lesson and our team hopes you find it useful and interesting. We look forward to your likes and followings on our social media pages such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Deviantart. Write comments there and share your pictures with us. Stay tuned and wait for new tutorials from Drawingforall.net.


  1. Can you show us how to draw each step because you just say, “ draw the hardback cover” but you’re are not saying how.


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