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How to Draw Hellboy

How to draw Hellboy

In the world there are a huge number of very different superheroes and supervillains. And in our opinion one of the strangest characters of the comic book is Hellboy. So, as you already understood, today we will show you how to draw Hellboy.


Step 1

Any drawing of a human begins with a skeleton, and the lesson about Hellboy is no exception. First, sketch out an oval for the head and the long straight line of the spine. After that, we outline the chest and pelvis. Arms and legs are also depicted with simple lines.

How to draw Hellboy

Step 2

Let’s make our drawing more voluminous by adding some meat to Hellboy. We first outline the intersecting lines on the face. Next we outline the neck and wide torso. Then sketch out the arms. Note that the right arm should be significantly larger than the left. We conclude the step by sketching out the legs.

How to draw Hellboy step by step

Step 3

Let’s make this mannequin more like Hellboy by adding the most basic details. First, we sketch out the outlines of the face, horns, ears and sideburns. Next, we move a little lower and sketch out the outlines of a long coat, tail, gun in the hand and pockets on the belt.

Learn how to draw Hellboy

Step 4

Starting from this step, we will draw out the final details, so try to be more accurate. First, carefully circle the outlines of the eyes, nose and mouth. Next, carefully draw the outlines of the head, sideburns and horns. Remove all unnecessary guidelines from the head and move to Hellboy’s torso.

Hellboy art

Step 5

So now it’s time to draw the details of the torso of Hellboy. First, carefully draw the outlines of the wide pectoral muscles and the abbs. After that, we carefully draw the large collars of the coat, not forgetting to draw all the necessary folds.

Hellboy drawing lesson

Step 6

It will be quite a difficult step. Continuing the lines of the shoulders, we carefully draw the outlines of the arms, not forgetting to draw all the necessary folds. Next, gently draw the large right fist and left fist with a gun. Remove all unnecessary guidelines and move to the legs.

How to sketch Hellboy

Step 7

Sketch all the numerous bags and pockets on the Hellboy belt. Next, carefully draw the outlines of shorts and legs. Draw out the muscles of the legs and hooves as shown in our example. Delete all unnecessary guidelines and go to the process of drawing shadows.

Hellboy drawing tutorial

Step 8

First, paint the sideburns. Next, accurately draw the outlines of the shadows. With the help of hatching, carefully apply the shadows as shown in the example lower. You can draw shadows either as shown in our example, or in the style of classic comics, that is, use clear and contrasting areas of shadows.

How to draw Hellboy

Today we showed you how to draw Hellboy – one of the most unusual characters of comics. What comic characters do you like and who would you like to see on our site? Write to us about it either here or in our social networks.


  1. When I saw the finished drawing I said “Hell no.” After I drew it i said “Hellboy”.

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