How to Draw a Candle

candle drawing

Hello everybody! Today we have prepared for you a very simple drawing lesson. As you have seen in the preview, we will draw a candle.Despite the fact that this lesson is quite simple, but drawing should be quite realistic.

So, let’s start this tutorial and find out how to draw a candle!

Step 1

We start with the contours of the candle. Actually, at this stage it looks like a tall and elongated rectangle.

how to draw a candle

Step 2

Draw the contours of the candle using smooth and sticky lines, as in our sample. Draw a wick. Outline the fire – it is shaped like a curved and pointed drop.

2 how to draw a candle step by step

Step 3

Excellent, it’s already very similar to the real candle. Now erase the unnecessary lines and finish with the contours. Draw a couple of drops of melted wax in the bottom of the candle and draw the central part of the flame.

candle pencile drawing

Step 4

At this step we add some shadows. Because the light comes from the top, we shade the lower parts of the drops.

candle drawing

So, we ended up drawing lesson on how to draw a candle. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.If you love easy tutorials, we recommend you tutorials on how to draw an iPhone and how to draw a book. And if you want to draw something more complicated, we suggest you a lesson on how to draw wolverine

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