How to Draw a Candle

candle drawing

Today the artists of have prepared for you a very simple drawing instruction. As you have seen in the preview, we will draw a candle. Despite the fact that this lesson is quite simple, but drawing should be quite realistic.

So, let’s start this tutorial and find out how to draw a candle!


Step 1

We begin drawing a candle with the contours of the candle. Actually, at this stage it looks like a tall and elongated rectangle. In order not to further create problems for yourself in making changes to the candle drawing, use light lines in the first steps.

how to draw a candle

Step 2

Draw the contours of the candle using smooth and sticky lines, as in our sample. Draw a wick. Outline the fire – it is shaped like a curved and pointed drop. At this stage your candle sketch should look something like this.

2 how to draw a candle step by step

Step 3

Excellent, it’s already very similar to the real candle. Now remove the unnecessary guidelines and finish with the contours. Draw a couple of drops of melted wax in the bottom of the candle and create the central part of the flame.

candle pencile drawing

Step 4

At this stage of the tutorial on how to draw a candle we add some shadows. Because the light comes from the top, we shade the lower parts of the drops. By the way, you can draw a candlestick under the candle, or put a candle on the plate.

candle drawing

So, we ended up drawing instruction on how to draw a candle. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you love easy tutorials, we recommend you tutorials on how to draw an iPhone and how to draw a book. And if you want to draw something more complicated, we suggest you a lesson on how to draw wolverine. And we also offer you to subscribe to us on Facebook and Pinterest to be aware of all the new instructions on

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