How to Draw a Car Interior

how to draw a car interior

Hello everyone and welcome to drawing tutorial about how to draw a car interior step by step. In this lesson we will show it on example of interior of Mercedes Benz S Classe.


Step 1

At first sketch out the general outlines. The circle steering wheel, the front panel and windows of the car. As in all the lessons, such as about how to draw a man, we use very light lines in the first steps.

how to draw a car interior

Step 2

Now add some general details. Draw out the screen, air ventilators and control panel. Draw handles and small speakers on the doors. Don’t forget to sketch out the seats.

how to draw a car interior step by step

Step 3

Continue adding details. Make the lines clean and nice. We will not talk about all the details, because they are different for each car.

car interior drawing

Step 4

And at the end of this lesson we will add shadows, to make the drawing more voluminous and realistic.

how to draw a car interior

In this drawing lesson we showed you how to draw a car interior. We recall that our site is full of very different drawing lessons about different cars, such as a Mini Cooper, race car, Volkswagen Beetle and Bugatti. If this lesson seems to complicated write about in the comments section below this article.


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