How to Draw a Volkswagen Beetle

how to draw a volkswagen beetle

Greeting dear artists and lovers of cars. Today the team of prepared for you a drawing guide about how to draw a Volkswagen Beetle. This car is produced by the Volkswagen company and is the most massive car in history, made without revision of the basic design.


Step 1

So, the Volkswagen Beetle is very round, so grab a pencil and using smooth and very light lines, sketch out the main outlines of the body and roof of the car.

how to draw a volkswagen beetle

Step 2

At the front sketch out the famous oval headlights. Next sketch out the rear-view mirrors, wheel arches and wheels. All of these lines in this step of the Volkswagen Beetle drawing should be performed with light lines.

learn to draw a volkswagen beetle

Step 3

Let’s start working with the details on our Volkswagen Beetle drawing. With the help of clear and smooth lines draw out the hood and headlights. In the middle of the bonnet draw out the logo of Volkswagen.

how to draw a volkswagen beetle step by step

Step 4

Continue to work with the front of our Volkswagen Beetle and draw out the bumper with a grille and fog lights. By the way, you can use ink or a marker to trace your Volkswagen drawing.

how to draw a volkswagen beetle

Step 5

Using curved lines draw out the roof, windows and mirrors of our car. Also, do not forget to erase all unnecessary lines from the front and the roof.

learn how to draw a volkswagen beetle with a pencil

Step 6

Continue the drawing instruction about how to draw a Volkswagen Beetle. Draw out the door, handle, sill and rear of the car.

how to draw a classic car

Step 7

Carefully draw Volkswagen’s wheels and arches. Be the most careful when you draw the wheels – they should be smooth and rounded.

learn to draw a volkswagen

Step 8

Depict the rims. First depict a circle in the center of the rims and then the “rays” that depart from the center to the edges of the rims.

volkswagen beetle drawing tutorial

Step 9

And on the last stage we add shadows. We will do this using hatching in places where the light does not fall. For example, under the wheel arches.

how to draw a volkswagen beetle

Today we drew one of the most famous cars ever – the Volkswagen Beetle. If you want even more similar drawing lessons, do not forget to share this instruction and subscribe to us on social networks. If you like the tutorial on how to draw a Volkswagen Beetle, then be sure to share it with your friends and subscribe to us at Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.


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