How to Draw a Fork

How to draw a fork

Hello dear artists. In previous drawing lessons, we showed you how to draw a cup, a spoon, a mug and many other household items. Today we decided to extend this topic and show you how to draw a fork.


Step 1

So, first of all we sketch out the “head” of our fork using light and smooth lines.

How to draw a fork

Step 2

Now draw a long tail of  the fork, also using very light, almost transparent lines.

How to sketch a fork

Step 3

Now using long and straight lines draw out the tines of the fork.

How to draw a fork step by step

Step 4

Now erase all the guidelines from the previous steps and draw out the fork using straight and clean lines.

Fork drawing tutorial

Step 5

Now let’s make our fork more realistic and voluminous, adding shadows and glare using hatching.

How to draw a fork

So, today we showed you how to draw a fork step by step. Do you want more lessons on this subject? If so, write about it in the comments under this article. Also share this lesson and subscribe to us on social networks, so as not to miss updates on our site.

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