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How to Draw a Car Easy

How to draw a car easy

How to draw a car easy? In this very simple step by step drawing guide the Drawingforall.net team will show you how to draw a car easy and quick. Actually, one of the most popular categories on Drawingforall.net is the section where we show how to draw cars. We have already shown how to draw a Volkswagen, Opel, Cadillac and many other brands, and all these cars are drawn in approximately the same scenario. In this ultimatum instruction, the team of our site wants to show the way of drawing an automobile so that with it you will be able to draw an auto of any model.


Step 1

To draw a car easy, the first thing you need to indicate its body (by the way, this is the most expensive part of any automobile). Using very rough and sloppy lines, depict the outlines of the future automobile. There are already visible outlines of the hood and roof. As you can see, we draw a car in a half turn.

How to sketch a car

Step 2

The skeleton of the future car is mapped, and now we will gradually add car parts, beginning with the most visible and necessary. With rough lines sketch the headlights, grille and wheels. There is an infinite number of cars in the world, and new ones appear every year, and these parts are very different for all cars.

How to draw a car for beginners

Step 3

Now, with the help of a few simple lines, make the tires voluminous and draw the arches. To give the car a more brutal and aggressive look, make the tires wider and bigger and the arches higher. Next, outline the window line and rear-view mirrors, which of course also differ depending on the model.

How to draw a car

Step 4

From step to step, our car drawing is becoming more realistic. We continue to add details. In this stage, add the rims and lower segments of the grille. By making the wheel rims bigger you can also make your car more aggressive. Add the lines of the lines door and proceed to the next step.

How to draw a car easy step by step

Step 5

The lion’s share of the appearance of any car depends on the rims. First, with simple ovals, mark the center of the rims. Next, with light strokes, create the outlines of the spokes that go from the center to the edges. Next, indicate the windows, and depict handles as well as the number plate in the front.

How to draw a car

Step 6

The sketch of the car is ready, and starting from the sixth step we will use clear final lines for detailed drawing of the automobile. Starting from the front, gently trace the grille, headlights and hood. As you may have noticed, we show how to draw a car on the example of the Audi A7, but by slightly changing the parts you can draw absolutely any vehicle.

How to draw a car step by step

Step 7

Let’s move to the top of the automobile. With smooth lines depict the roof flowing into the rear, the windows and rear-view mirrors. Another sure way to draw a brutal and cool car – depict the roof lower and the windows line more narrow. You could meet similar in such cool cars as a Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari LaFerrari.

How to draw a cool car easy

Step 8

Quite a difficult step, where we have to depict the arches of the car. They should be the most even and smooth. Next, trace the doors and handles of the car. Use an eraser to remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the car body. To make the car drawing more detailed and realistic, add some decorative lines to the body.

How to draw a car easy

Step 9

Now it was the turn to depict the automobile wheels. First, very carefully trace the big tires and the edges of the rims. Next, draw the rims, trying to observe proportionality and make the spokes beautiful and smooth. Finally, remove all remaining unnecessary guidelines from the car drawing before proceeding to the final touches.

How to draw a car

Step 10

To make your automobile look voluminous and complete, we will need to add shadows. First map out the outlines of the shadows, then fill the outlines with hatching. The glare of the headlights and windows, as well as the cast shadow under the car itself will make your automobile picture more real.

How to draw a car easy

As mentioned at the very beginning, we are going to create an ultimatum instruction on how to draw a car easy. The team of Drawingforall.net hopes that we were able to realize our plans, and now are able to draw vehicles like a true auto designer.


    1. Danny, if you take time to smoothen and make your your drawing more accurate, it will come out the way you expect it to be

      1. I agree i took 52 minutes to draw this and it came out looking like a masterpiece

  1. i like it !!! looks more like a mini cooper!! also made me laugh a lot

  2. I could make it really easily in only like an hour and it turned out great.

  3. Drew it ….added my own flare to it as well
    Thank you for this tutorial 🙂

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